Awards / Bursaries

Awards / Bursaries



The BGS Council has set aside a capital sum, the income from which is to be made available for grants to members of the Society, to support travel or education which is deemed to be furthering the objectives of the Society. General preference will be given to younger applicants (under the age of 40).

In 2006, additional donations were made in memory of BGS previous chief executive Jan Crichton and this has enabled additional awards to be made between 2007 and 2013. The sum available for 2013 will be up to £1,500 and there will be up to three awards made this year.

The scheme is administered by the Society's Research and Development Committee, under the
direction of the Trustees. A standard application form for this purpose is attached here. The following conditions apply:
  • Applications are invited from members and non-members.
  • Applications must be received at least three months prior to the money being required.
  • A written report for BGS circulation and/or publication will be stipulated by the Committee when any grant is approved. 
 The closing date for applications was 30th April.
 A decision will be made within 2-3 weeks of the closing date or receipt of application.


Following its involvement in the IGC in Ireland in 2005, BGS has a capital fund with which to part-fund delegate attendance at future IGCs, including Australia in 2013. Individuals are likely to receive £500-£1000 towards flights and conference fees, depending on the number of and quality of applicants. In 2008 the BGS supported six delegates in attending the IGC in Hohhot, China. The next IGC Congress will be in 2013 in Australia.

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