BGS Corporate Members

BGS Corporate Members

BGS is pleased to work with industry-relevant primary producers and knowledge transfer organisations through our corporate members package. We currently have no vacancies for new corporate members, for which places are limited to fifteen. If your business or organisation is interested in joining BGS as a corporate member when vacancies arise, please contact the BGS office for further details.

BGS Corporate Members:

Barenbrug is a grass seed producer supplying more than 4000 tonnes a year into the amenity and forage markets. As a plant breeder, it creates new grasses and legumes at 10 breeding stations worldwide, including in Northern Ireland, and trials them on farm. The company has a strong research focus and one of its research sites is at Cropvale in Worcestershire, where it tests out mixtures in long-term trials. Click this link to see the Barenbrug website

Calcifert is part of the Francis Flower group, a family-owned business that has grown from quarrying to providing a range of high quality powdered minerals.  The Calcifert range of granulated soil conditioning products are all applied though a standard fertiliser spreader.  The company’s flagship product is Calcifert Lime, a highly reactive agricultural lime made using 100% British lime, and manufactured in Cheshire.  Other products available include Calcifert Sulphur and Calcifert Mag, as well as high-specification products containing key trace elements, humates and bio-stimulants.

CF Fertilisers UK (formerly GrowHow) manufactures straight nitrogen and compounds and also supplies process chemicals and utilities. Its team of FACTS-qualified advisers help farmers focus on using fertiliser as efficiently as possible, while meeting environmental responsibilities. It offers a nutrient planning and recording computer program, full soil analysis and testing for nitrogen levels. Investment in research is important and the company works with ADAS, Rothamstead Research and Cheshire Grassland Society.

CORTEVA agriscience is a global leader in weed and pest control in grassland and areas that require vegetation management. It invests extensively in R&D and bringing market leading solutions for the control of all major grassland weeds: docks, nettles, thistles and buttercup. Solutions are also available to control woody weeds, such as bramble, gorse and broom, as well as ragwort and Japanese knotweed. Extensive field trials and development work is carried out in the UK and it has a manufacturing plant at King's Lynn. It also has solutions for control of grassland pests, namely frit fly and leatherjackets. For more information see

DLF is a plant breeding company of Danish origin, now operating in many countries around the world, with grass and clovers at the core of its business. It has a trial site at Didbrook in Gloucestershire to evaluate grass and clover varieties under UK conditions. It also supplies seed treatments and is a keen advocate of overseeding technology. Grass seed is produced for agricultural, amenity, sport and equine use.

Genus ABS provides genetics and reproduction services worldwide, with a silage inoculant range designed to enhance forage quality. In addition to dairy and beef semen, to suit a full range of herd management systems from forage-based to pedigree herds, it offers a range of fertility services from heat detection and AI, to scanning. Udder health is covered by a range of products and it also offers milking machine testing and mastitis consultancy.

Germinal offer a range of grass seed mixtures to suit everyone from gardener to groundsman - not least the serious grower and silage maker. It's a privately-owned firm that works closely with the research centre IBERS at Aberystwyth University, funding near-market work for forage grass, red and white clovers. The majority of its grass seed is produced in the UK via a network of contract growers. However, it also works with international seed breeders to offer a broad range of species (such as chicory, kale and maize) and varieties.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is part of the global Lallemand group of companies which manufacture and market a range of yeast and bacteria zootechnical feed additives EU approved for use in dairy, beef, pig and poultry systems. The Magniva range replaces the Biotal range of inoculants in the UK and Ireland. Magniva Platinum forage inoculants contain the newly approved and patented L. hilgardii I-4785 bacteria, for preservation of high and low dry matter grass silage, wholecrop and maize forages allowing you to open clamps sooner safely. Our technical support team offers help with forage analysis and nutritional advice, including technical briefings and pilot farm visits.

LIC UK specialises in dairy genetics sourced from its parent company in New Zealand. Sires are proven on commercial dairy farms worldwide, on both grazing and concentrate systems. The company is also involved in milk recording, business and grassland management, offering an AI service, farm consultancy and farm business software. Some 26% of annual income is spent on R&D each year. Through its Pasture to Profit network in the UK, it brings together like-minded dairy farmers to focus on growing and utilising more grass.

Limagrain is a plant breeder and supplier of seeds to both livestock and arable farmers. It offers a full range of grass and forage seeds for beef, sheep and dairy farms, which includes hybrid grass to help extend the grazing season. Limagrain is also a founder member of the Grassright group, dedicated to helping farmers get more from grass. The company invests more than £3.5m a year in UK research using three plant breeding stations and 66 national trial sites. It produces seed for both domestic use and export to 25 countries.

Nufarm is the UK’s leading manufacturer of grassland herbicides, insecticides and growth enhancers. Grassland is a core part of Nufarm’s business and we are proud to have weed control solutions for every grassland situation, including clover swards, reseeds, silage and grazing systems. Our herbicides are manufactured in the UK at our “state of the art” global production plant at Wyke in West Yorkshire and supported by a dedicated grassland technical team. The Nufarm range offers best return on investment to “Maximise Profit from Grass”.

RPC-bpi is a leading global producer of high performance agricultural film. Our continuous focus on farmers’ needs helps optimise crop production.  The conservation of silage from forage crops is an essential part of modern agricultural production systems with forage forming a significant part of livestock diet. RPC bpi agriculture’s silage films and agricultural bags enable farmers to produce cost-effective, nutritious fodder that enhances dairy and beef herd yields.

Volac International Ltd markets a range of silage additives from its North Yorkshire base. It has a long history of R&D tracing back to its origins as part of ICI and still maintains a research group at headquarters. Both clamp and bale inoculants have been developed to address issues such as application rates, bacteria viability and shelf life. A hybrid range of additives offers mixes of both inoculant and chemical preservative for use on high DM silages.

Watson Seeds is a family-owned seed business based in East Lothian, Scotland. It has strong links with many plant breeders and trialling organisations to offer the best varieties and advice to dairy, beef and sheep producers in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Grasses are sold through two ranges, they also offer clover, organic seed and forage crops - such as stubble turnips, kale, rape and swede. It has a trial site in Peeblesshire.

Yara UK is part of the global Yara International ASA whose core business revolves around fertiliser. This Oslo-based company operates in 50 countries producing granular, straight nitrogen, compound and sulphur fertilisers. Quality is the key, matching size, shape and moisture to ensure consistent accurate spreading. The aim is to achieve yields while minimising cost and environmental impacts. Calculators are available to work out crop nutrient requirements and fine-tune applications to specific circumstances.

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