CAP for Grassland

CAP for Grassland

Note 1, October 2014       Permanent Pasture – behind the terminology

We hear a lot about permanent pasture, especially in relation to the new CAP reform, but it’s worth remembering that there are several definitions of this term used within different contexts. Download our summary sheet to read more.

Note 2, December 2014       Multiple roles for Grassland in the new CAP

As CAP reform draws closer we take our second look at what it means for the roles of grassland in UK agriculture by noting how grassland areas can contribute to both the Ecological Focus Areas (EFA) and Crop Diversification requirements under the new rules. Download our summary sheet to read more.

Note 3, May 2016         Understanding the BPS Grassland rules

When the deadline for 2016 BPS claims was approaching on May 16 2016 BGS included this item in the Members' eNewsletter - recapping what the grassland rules are (now part of ‘Greening’) and where they come from.  Download our summary sheet to read more.




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