Research and Development

Research and Development

The R & D Committee of the BGS is chaired by Steve Peel of Natural England. Its functions are:

  • to formulate and advise Council, Presidential team and Society Director on BGS R & D policy
  • to promote to R & D funders the importance of grassland R & D
  • to influence R & D funders towards BGS priority areas
  • to respond to Government consultations and reflect the views and concerns of members
  • to participate in Government and industry reviews of research programmes
  • to make recommendations to Council on the improvement of knowledge transfer
  • to manage the vacational studentship and travel award schemes

BGS priorities for grassland R & D are regularly reviewed. Priorities set out form 2009-12 can be viewed here.

Comments are invited and should be addressed to the BGS Office.


BGS Members BGS is a membership organisation which acts as a communication forum, through events and publications, for the profitable and sustainable use of grass and forage.

Local Societies

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