Stapledon Innovation and Technology Fellowships

Stapledon Innovation and Technology Fellowships

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The Stapledon Memorial Trust Innovation and Technology Fellowship is an award targeted at farmers and those in industry, extension, education, government and non-government organisations. The awards, worth up to £3000 per person, recognise that innovation not only comes from research but importantly from the industry itself and the interaction between any of the parties involved in the management of grassland.  BGS is delighted to support and promote this scheme. 

This new and flexible Fellowship is intended to provide awards to individuals, resident in the UK, to support studies of innovative practices.

For example, the awards could support gaining knowledge of:

  • novel techniques for improved management of grazing, forage crops or silage
  • improved integration of agricultural, environmental and animal welfare objectives
  • management of grasslands for wildlife
  • novel arrnagements for cooperation and marketing of produce
  • ways to improve profitability across the chain. 

Visits may be made in the UK or overseas.

The scheme seeks to ensure that information about new practices is transferred effectively to the industry. Successful applicants would therefore be expeced to support the Trust and BGS in disseminating the knowledge gained after the completion of their studies. This flyer gives more information on the award and how to apply. 

The Stapledon Memorial Trust was established in 1962 to honour the life and achievements of the pioneering grassland scientist Professor Sir George Stapledon FRS. Until now, the Trust's awards have focused mainly on international support for grassland scientists.

Sir George Stapledon had high regard for grassland farmers and rural businesses, and his writings stress the importance of new knowledge and its application to ensure productive grassland and a prosperous rural economy. He was a founding member of the British Grassland Society and its first president.

Applications are considered quarterly at the end of February, May, August and November. 

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For more information about the Stapledon Memorial Trust and the bursaries it offers see:


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