Supporting the Industry

Supporting the Industry

Working in Partnership to Promote Best Practice 

BGS supports the Campaign for the Farmed Environment and the Tried and Tested initiative to promote best practice and provide knowledge and resources to enable farmers and land managers to implement it.

Responding to Government Consultations

BGS's R&D Committee considers relevant government consultations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and where appropriate arranges for a response. Recent consultations that were responded to included the Nitrates Directive or NVZ regulations for England and the separate consultation on this topic in Northern Ireland.  

Jan Crichton Travel Bursary Awards, IGC Bursaries and Student Placement Schemes

See the award section for the details of these three schemes funded by BGS. 

Stapledon Innovation and Technology Fellowships

See the award section for the details of this fellowship and links to information about other funding opportunities offered by the Stapledon Memorial Trust.

Forage Variety Testing Scheme

BGS supports this scheme to bring NIAB Recommended Grass and Clover Lists to farmers and to suport the merchants paying levy to fund the trials, through participation in the management committee, promotion in its publications and arranging the publication of a farmer booklet.

Links with local grassland societies and other discussion groups

BGS has 64 affiliated local groups, while these are mainly grassland societies other discussion groups with similar objectives are welcome. These are supported with insurance, copies of the Grass and Forage Farmer magazine included within their annual affiliation fee, access to a regularly updated speaker list and groups can enter a member for the National Grassland Management Competition. Full details are available from the BGS office.

Arranging free seminars at events  

BGS often arranges technical seminars at events such as Grassland and Muck and Grassland UK.


BGS Members BGS is a membership organisation which acts as a communication forum, through events and publications, for the profitable and sustainable use of grass and forage.

Local Societies

BGS Members Use our Local Society directory to locate your nearest societies, information resources and experts on grassland farming and foraging.