About BGS

A forum for the science and practice of grass and forage production and utilisation.

The British Grassland Society

BGS is a membership organisation which acts as a communication forum, through events and publications, for the profitable and sustainable use of grass and forage.  It brings together all those with an active interest in the science and practice of grass and forage production and utilisation; research workers, farmers, advisers, teachers and technical members of the agricultural industry.

BGS is in contact with farmers through its affiliated local grassland societies across the United Kingdom.

The society has many active members abroad and is also a member of the European Grassland Federation.

The objectives of BGS are:

  • The improvement of economic methods of production and utilisation of grass and forage crops for the promotion of profitable agriculture.
  • The advancement of education and research in grass and forage crop production and utilisation. Publication of the results of relevant research to an international audience via a quarterly journal and academic symposia.
  • Interpretation of research and active communication of improved methods of production and utilisation to the farming community.
  • Promotion of grassland farming as an example of sustainable agriculture, which is environmentally benign and visually attractive, for the public benefit.
  • Representing members’ interests to Government by responding to consultations and identifying priorities for research.

The British Grassland Society is a Registered Charity in the U.K. (No. 261800)


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