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Awards & Bursaries

BGS Awards & Bursaries

BGS Travel Bursaries 2023

The BGS Council has set aside a capital sum, the income from which is to be made available for grants to members of the Society, to support travel or education which is deemed to be furthering the objectives of the Society.  The awards offer recipients the chance to explore more about grassland management through travel and engagement with farming/industry/research around the UK and more widely.  General preference will be given to early career applicants.

Individual awards of up to £500 are available, with three awards being granted in each of two 6-month periods, one beginning in March 2023 and the other beginning in September 2023.

The scheme is administered by the Society’s Trustees.  The following conditions apply:

  • Applications are invited from full BGS members, members of affiliated local societies, and employees of BGS corporate members.
  • Applications must be received at least one month prior to the money being required.
  • A written report for BGS circulation and/or publication will be stipulated by the Committee when any grant is approved.
  • A decision will be made within 1-2 weeks of the receipt of the application.

Click below to access the application form.

Stapledon Memorial Trust

The Memorial Trust was established in 1962 as a tribute to the late Sir George Stapledon, founder of the British Grassland Society.

A number of awards are available e.g. Travelling Fellowship, Vacation Study Awards and Short-term Awards for Recent Graduates.

For information visit the Stapledon Memorial Trust website

Corporate Members