Grass and forage science

Grass and Forage Science Journal

Grass and Forage Science is the scientific journal of the British Grassland Society.  It has also been adopted as the official journal of the European Grassland Federation.

It is an international journal that publishes high quality papers on all aspects of grassland and rangeland management, with papers considered irrespective of climatic zone.  It publishes the results of research and development in grass and forage production, and in its management and utilization, taking an integrated view of grassland and related systems.  The journal also publishes results on the environmental implications of grassland and rangeland systems and dealing with amenity and recreational uses of grasslands.  Papers which relate to inter-disciplinary research, modelling and other non-classical experimental approaches, as well as classical experimental approaches, are particularly welcomed.  Reviews of the state of knowledge on relevant topics and book reviews are also considered.

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