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Carbon For Farming webinars

Carbon For Farming Webinars

Organised by agrecalc, SAC Consulting and Defra

You can find out more on the agrecalc website (click here)

1. Farming in the uplands: Opportunities for carbon and biodiversity

Monday 29 November at 7 pm

Hear about carbon and biodiversity as opportunities for upland businesses to consider as we transition through to the new stewardship schemes.

Speakers:  John Holland and Davy McCracken, SRUC

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2. Grassland opportunities to maximise carbon management

Tuesday 30 November at 7 pm

Find out about grassland management techniques involving getting the best from our grassland from a productivity/utilisation perspective, as well as how we can build soil carbon stocks.

Speakers:  Lorna MacPherson and Poppy Frater, SAC

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3. Slurry management for farmers in England

Wednesday 1 December at 7 pm

Learn about what the rules mean in the immediate future, and what needs to be considered in the medium to long term.

Speaker: Neil Carter, SAC

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4. Introduction to carbon auditing

Wednesday 8 December at 7 pm

Find out about how an audit can be a useful management tool going forwards.

Speaker:  Anna Sellars, SAC

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To find out more about how you can get involved, please contact SAC on 01539 769059 or email