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COVID-19 and local society meetings

Important note regarding COVID-19 and Local Society meetings

All BGS affiliated Local Societies must follow current government guidance and regulations regarding COVID-19.  One of the benefits of the affiliation of Local Societies to BGS is cover by the BGS indemnity insurance for events.  With respect to any planned events and the ongoing situation with COVID-19 it is important that there is an event risk assessment in place to include COVID-19, and that the Society fully complies with all the legal requirements and regulations that may be in force in a particular geographic area.  Important points to consider include the type of event, the location and number of people who are gathering.

Please note:
Failure to comply with all of the legal requirements and regulations will invalidate your insurance cover under the BGS policy.
Due to COVID-19 being a pandemic it is not covered under the insurance policy.

Further help and general guidance can be found on government websites here:

   UK government
   Northern Ireland 

Guidance on completing risk assessments can be found here:

HSE risk assessment England/Wales/Scotland

HSENI risk assessment Northern Ireland

N.B. The above photo was taken on 5 March 2020 before social distancing was introduced.