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Diverse Forages – End of Project Events

An online programme of events was held to mark the end of the Diverse Forage Project. This was made up of six short videos followed by a live online panel discussion. You can view the videos and the recording of the panel discussion by clicking on the links below.

  1. Introduction to the Diverse Forages Project – Chris Reynolds, University of Reading (17mins) (click here)
  2. Introduction to diverse forage species – Sam Lane, Cotswold Seeds (10mins) (click here)
  3. Results from our research plots – Zoe Barker, University of Reading (18 mins) (click here)
  4. Results from our growing animal trials – Dave Humphries, University of Reading (7 mins) (click here)
  5. Impacts of multi-species swards on emissions from grazing livestock farms – Tom Misselbrook, Rothamsted Research (16mins) (click here)
  6. The role of multi-species swards in addressing future challenges – Tommy Boland, University College Dublin (15 mins) (click here)

To view the recording of the panel discussion, click here.