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NSA Sheep, Health, Wealth and Production Conference

NSA South East Region will be holding its fourth Sheep Health, Wealth & Production (SHWAP) Conference virtually, in the form of a series of webinars on three consecutive evenings — 26th, 27th  and 28th October 2021, starting at 7.00 pm.

On each evening there will be plenty of time for questions and discussions following the speaker presentations. 

Day 1 – Health Planning

Dr Fiona Lovatt will kick off the evening with a talk on using flock plans to optimise flock health. Dr Fiona Kenyon from the Moredun Research Institute will then follow with insight into the use of technology and tools in sustainable sheep production. Finally Eleanor Sanger from the Farm Safety Foundation, otherwise known as Yellow Wellies, will join to talk on their work to encourage good health and wellbeing in shepherds.

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Day 2 – Managing Mixed Swards in Arable Rotations

Professor Tommy Boland will begin the evening by focussing on the benefits and challenges of multispecies swards in sheep production systems, which have received renewed interest alongside the use of herbal leys in recent years. Farmer Ian Metson will then outline his experiences with his 400 ewe flock utilising multispecies swards grown as a break crop on an arable farm in Essex. Finally Dr Becky Willson will consider the benefits of diversity both below and above ground in building soil health and carbon sequestration through multispecies swards.

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Day 3 – Attracting, retaining and supporting the next generation of flockmasters

Peter Lord will share Dyson Farming’s approach to encouraging the younger generations to consider a future in agriculture. British Grassland Society (BGS) CEO Tom Goatman will follow by outlining the history and background to the BGS Mentoring Programme, it’s aims, objectives and the roles of those involved. Mentor Yann Le Du will then introduce two of the 2021 Mentees – Tom and Caroline Slay. They will discuss their reasons for applying for the programme, what they were hoping to get from it and how it has and will continue to help them with their grassland and overall business management going forward.

Finally, NSA Communications Officer Katie James will introduce the NSA Next Generation Programme, which will soon be acceppting applications for 2022. Katie will be joined by an existing Ambassador who will expand on their experiences of the programme and what they have gained from their involvement with the organisation and associated networks.

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