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Livestock in arable rotations

The why and how of sustainable livestock in arable rotations

Find out more about the benefits of introducing grass and herbal leys into arable rotations.
These include improved soil health and organic matter content, weed control and improvements in following crop yields.
Making the best use of those leys, through management with grazing livestock, can also add further profit to the system.

What will be covered?
Benefits to soil, weed control and following arable crops from grass/herbal leys and livestock integration
Grazing management to get the best out of the ley and ensure good animal performance
Grazing infrastructure
Options for different leys
Putting grass/herbal leys back into arable

Speakers: Dr Lizzie Sagoo, Dr Liz Genever, and the host farmers.

To find out more information about the host farms and to book on, visit the links below:

19th June, Lincolnshire book here

20th June, Wiltshire book here

22nd June, Shropshire book here