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NVZ rules

NVZs – Are you complying with the rules?

‘As we approach the closed periods for spreading organic manures and fertilisers in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ’s), industry initiative Tried and Tested takes a closer look at the rules. NVZs account for about 55% of land in England, making it more likely than not that a farming enterprise is within a designated NVZ. You can check if your land is in an NVZ using the interactive map here. If you are in then there are a number of rules you need to comply with in order to avoid breach of compliance. This includes taking action to store, plan and apply organic manure and nitrogen fertilisers within specific times, areas and application limits and keep records of this.

The rules can often appear complex and daunting, but this Step-by-step guide to NVZ record keeping, produced by Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) and Wessex Water, provides a clear explanation of the rules. The guide is really useful for farmers who need an introduction to NVZ record keeping or farmers who simply need a refresher. You can request a free copy to be sent in the post or you can download an on-line version’.

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