Local Societies

South East

Regional Council Member: Becky Miles

Email: tinker.7@btinternet.com   Tel: 07984 293847





Name of society: Sussex Grass and Forage Society

Number of members: 49

Meetings and activities:  Monthly meetings from October to March on farms in the Sussex area.  The society also holds the annual Buckhurst Grazing Competition and a Silage Competition

Contact:  Micky Major (Chairman).  Email: camberlot@gmail.com
Carolyn Band (Secretary).  Email: carolyn_band@hotmail.co.uk

West Sussex

Name of society: West Sussex Grassland Society

Number of members: 100

Meetings and activities:  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, from October to March, at Random Hall, Stane Street, Slinfold, West Sussex, RH13 8QX.  The society also holds a silage competition, a Christmas meal, a farm walk in March, and a farm walk with barbeque in June.

Facebook: West Sussex Grassland Society

Contact:  Lesley Oxenham.  Tel:  01403 282510.  Email: Lesley.Oxenham@henryadams.co.uk

Corporate Members