Local Societies

 Benefits of Local Societies

BGS currently have 49 active affiliated local grassland societies and discussions groups.

Affiliation is open to any discussion group or society with an interest in grass and forage. 

Affiliated societies or discussion groups paying an annual subscription to BGS are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Grass and Forage Manager – One free copy of each issue per member of that society.
  • Grassland Farmer of the Year Competition – Entry for one member into the regional round of the competition.
  • BGS website – The Society will be listed on the BGS website. Enquiries from potential new members will be forwarded to local societies by the BGS office.
    Calendar items and other content can be included on the BGS website – send details to the BGS office
  • Annual General Meeting – The society can nominate one member to vote at the BGS AGM.
  • Speaker List – A list of potential speakers for meetings, collated by BGS, is available to local society secretaries.
  • Special members rates will be available for events when the affiliated society is the host of that meeting (e.g. Summer Meeting)
  • BGS Regional Council Member – A member may stand for election as a BGS Regional Council Member. The Society may nominate a person as a BGS Regional Council Member or Trustee.
  • Public Liability insurance cover for activities under the BGS policy at a level determined by BGS Trustees – details can be advised by the BGS office

New groups are welcome. If you are interested, please call the BGS office on 01785 450284 or use the Contact us page of our website.

Local society events

One of the benefits of the affiliation of Local Societies to BGS is cover by the BGS indemnity insurance for events.  With respect to any planned events, a risk assessment should be carried out prior to it taking place.

Guidance on completing risk assessments can be found here:

HSE risk assessment England/Wales/Scotland


HSENI risk assessment Northern Ireland


An example of a BGS event risk assessment is available upon request from the BGS office.

Corporate Members